Lukanga Water Gives Easy Payment Option


Lukanga Water Supply and Sanitation Company (LgWSC) has introduced a 'Pamela Payment Option' where clients have been accorded a chance to pay any amount of money as low as K5.00 towards their water bills until one dismantles the bill before the due date. 

The ‘Pamela’ concept comes in the wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which has altered the standard of living with restrictions in the everyday norm of operation for citizens making it difficult for some customers to settle their bills in full.

After an assessment of the situation on the ground, the management at the company flamed the ‘Pamela Payment Option’ as a solution to some of the challenges the customers were facing.

The new payment plan was launched by the then Minister of Central Province, Sydney Mushanga who was also Bwacha Member of Parliament in Kabwe.

Mr Mushanga hailed the water company for coming up with such an initiative citing that would allow residents foot water bills at as low as K5.00 to any other amount until they cleared the bill.

He indicated that the programme was timely and had to be implemented from the time it was launched to allow more customers get on the ground and use the system.

Mr Mushanga urged those who were owing the company with huge sums to stop worrying but rather take advantage of the introduced payment option to score in such a given ring.

He appealed to the company to avoid disconnecting the houses of those who were owing the company, citing such would disadvantage other with meagre income.

"This is an option which will make all water users from any part of Central Province pay water bills of any amount, if you have a K2.00, K5.00, K10.00, or K50.00 you can pay using this initiative and this is under the vision 2030 and it is an advantage as you know 2020/2021 have not been easy for the clients due to COVID-19 pandemic. We have been advised to wash our hands thoroughly yet the income has reduced drastically," Mr Mushanga said.

Mr Mushanga also urged LgWSC customers to be alert to avoid unscrupulous individuals from taking advantage of the introduced payment options to engage in fraud.

LgWSC Board of Directors member Alfred Mumba said under Pamela Payment Option, a client who owed the company an amount such as K45.00 would be allowed to pay in bits any amount from as low as K5.00.

"This will minimize the pressure which our clients  incur as they will now be paying from using our footsoldiers who will be collecting money from door to door," Mr Mumba said.

Winston Makukula, the Chief Executive Officer for Paradise Marketting in was the first person to pay under the Pamela Payment Option in Kabwe during the launch and won himself a T-shirt by the company.

"I am happy that Lukanga Water has come up with such initiatives as Pamela Payment Option as we are all going to be managing clear our bills without the stress of being disconnected," Mr Makukula said.

The ‘Pamela Payment Option’ is just one of the systems that the Lukanga Water has presented to the clients to help cushion the challenges being encountered when clearing water bills and it is only hoped that everyone takes advantage of the new system to pay up water bills.

The Company also offers other platforms such as Airtel, MTN, Zamtel Mobile, ZANACO’s Xapit and Bill muster as well as cash and credit and debit cards at any of the customer service centres scattered around the Province.